God is inside

You ask so many questions. Questions lead to more questions. There will never be an end to your questions. I don’t like to talk too much. I don’t like to give your minds too much work because I want your minds to be free. The mind should be free of thoughts. The true Self is that where there is absolutely no thought. Most thoughts pertain to the ego-self. You must be honest and enquire into the true nature of the mind. Once you have put all cares, all thoughts, aside and eliminated your attachments so that you depend solely on God, God himself will bring you everything you need. When the mind is clear and pure, there is real bliss and joy. When thoughts and desires creep in, they bring pain and suffering with them.

God is inside you. Why do you think of God as separate from yourself? Why do you feel you must realize God as something that is not in you? God is inside, and the only way to experience the Divinity within is to first rid yourself of ego, still the mind and reach deep inside to your true Self. By plunging to the depths of your Self, you will experience real and lasting happiness.

A mind that is free from anger and desire is really close to the true Self, which is the Divinity within you. You experience something like the bliss of the Self when your desires are fulfilled, but that sensation is only momentary. Eliminate desire, and you will know true bliss and pure joy.

Do you think that the rich and famous are happy? They may be materially rich but, in truth, they are very poor because they are far from the Self. Your worldly status has no bearing on your spiritual status. I do not look at wealth, position, skin colour or religion. These discriminations are meaningless to me. My devotees and disciples can be from any level of society, rich or poor. They may be intelligent or not so smart. The Divine Mother puts all kinds of people in my charge.

She teaches me, as well as them through me and through the events in my life. If it is your destiny, you will come under my influence and, somehow, you will gain spiritually.

I want you all to develop. All those who are around me now are destined to take part in a great resurgence of spiritual renewal that has been planned by the Divine Mother. Let us humbly and with patience allow her to enact her drama.

You are blessed to be part of these great events.

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