God has given you a very good spiritual master


The devotees who are giving service in the Premananda Centres and Premananda Youth Groups as Centre Coordinators or Youth Coordinators and all the Life and Yearly Members, who all are divine souls, will always receive Swami Premananda’s grace-filled blessings.  He will stay with those who believe in him fully and keep him permanently in their minds and he will continuously give them his grace.

We cannot do whatever we like and then say, “Everything is God’s wish.” God’s wish is one thing, our own wish is something else. Because of ignorance we consider our desires to be our wish.

God has given you a very good Master. This Master only wants you to have the permanent happiness that comes from being full of divine love. That love should not be only on your lips, but it should come from deep within your heart. The people who have this deep-seeded love in their hearts are truthful and fit to receive Swami Premananda’s permanent and grace-filled blessings.

Your mind is often wavering, thinking whether something is this or that and it continues to waver for a long time. Make the wavering stop, make your mind one-pointed and reach a higher state. You should never let your mind waver or allow it to remain in that wavering state. Elevate your mind to a higher state.

God’s and Guru’s grace are important for all of us. In order to receive the Divine’s grace, Guru’s grace is very essential. To get a good Master, God’s grace is necessary.  Being with a good Master is something that is gifted to you.

He is asking you to involve your mind in any sadhana such as bhajan, satsang, meditation, Shivalingam puja, abishekam, service or yoga. If you give him a place in your heart, then he will take complete responsibility of you, he will protect you and look after you.  Those who think of him having understood this, will be protected from many difficulties.  He calls you, moves in a very simple way, he goes wherever God calls him, believing that everything is done according God’s wish, saying that God is the greatest of all and that nothing in this world is greater than God. He also tells you not to miss the chance of understanding this great truth and that he will guide you towards God. Swami calls you to come along with him; he will take you all there.  Understand this well and go with him.  Don’t, instead, remain doubting whether to go or not, because this is a very rare opportunity and gift.

From when he was young Swami Premananda had many divine powers and always remained very simple, accepting everyone with love and affection without showing himself as a big person able to always perform great miracles. If you think patiently about his simplicity and the simple way he behaves in with you, and contemplate all this, then you will understand the truth.

Don’t miss the great opportunity that you have to be with him and to come to the highest state along with him.

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