Mahadevi Mahashakti

Practice Bhayans

Puedes escuchar el bhayan y aprender a cantarlo tú mismo. Las palabras y su significado están abajo junto con los acordes para acompañamiento de armonio.

Bhajan # 361 del libro Premananda Bhayans


Divine Mother, You have an immeasurable body. You have great power and You are boundless delight. You are great Kali and You destroy even the greatest of sins. You are boundless light, You are the greatest object of worship. Having a great form, You are Durga, and You witness the great Dissolution. Support of all, omnipresent and omniscient You are. You give happiness and You have all the divine powers. You are also the Great Illusion, supreme in might, You possess great perfection. You are seated in the heart of Your close devotee and You control the empire of the three worlds. O Devi, Mother, I surrender my everything to You, again and again.

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