Divine Relationship

By Balan

People come into our lives for different purposes. Some come to help, some come to support, some come to motivate, many come to share and enjoy life with us. Our first relationship is with our parents. As we grow older our relationships widen to siblings, spouse, friends, relatives, colleagues, children and so on. Some relationships fade away and some new relationships crop up. There are no rules or laws to govern these relationships. It is a spontaneous effect.

I once asked Swamiji, “What makes a person come to meet you and accept you as a divine person?” “Bees are attracted by the fragrance of flowers. I am like a flower,” was his answer. Our true divine relationship starts with our spiritual Guru. Whenever a great saint is born, unique spiritual waves radiating from the saint excite our inner heart without our knowledge. This effect causes us to visit the master. How does this happen? One might say it is due to a link from a previous birth. Someone else would say this may be due to some divine law. Swamiji is like a transmitter. Those who are of the spiritual persuasion receive the signal and visit him. It is a sign of Swamiji’s true divinity that he is doing this even now from his Samadhi. I was touched to hear from many people how they felt called by him after his Mahasamadhi. Some of them had never even met him physically.

Divine relationship is a bond which is guided by the Supreme for a divine purpose and which paves the way for much higher things in the future. This relationship doesn’t necessarily happen only by good fortune.

In our first meeting, the spiritual master ignites the divine spark within us. Unlike other relationships saints do not come to share or enjoy life with us. Instead they make our lives more meaningful and spiritual. This divine relationship connects us so deeply and with such purity that it enables us to let go of our rational and logical mind. It instills a deep feeling of goodness, fondness and oneness in our hearts. A true divine relationship is very distinctive and there is no need for any verbal language to communicate or understand each other. Swamiji says, “A glance, a touch or a pat is sufficient to ignite the divine spark. I give personal interviews so that the person gets my individual attention and blessings, which makes a lasting impression on him or her.”

If we can truly respond to this divine call and maintain this relationship, our lives will be much more meaningful than before. Are we not fortunate to have taken birth during the time of Swamiji? All of us have some spiritual experience. With this experience inside us, we can also light that spark in somebody else, making his or her life more beautiful and inspirational. We can be the light our Divine Guru wanted us to be!

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