Devotion for God

We think of God’s name with devotion. It is a very rare opportunity to worship God in this life. Not everyone will get an opportunity like this. It is a great opportunity to spend your life immersed in the thought of God and to sing his name. You can’t get such an opportunity easily. You can easily get money, name, fame, position, wealth and pleasure. Oh God, can I forget myself and only think of you? Life will always have problems and difficulties but whatever problems I have they will not stop me from thinking of your blissful form. Only a person who has eaten sugar candy or honey will know what it tastes like. Similarly, only one who has realized God will know the magnificence of God.

There are millions of people in this world who haven’t understood God. People’s thoughts dwell on other things. They have countless thoughts in their minds. They think about many diverse things. Only one who is wholeheartedly, truthfully and sincerely devoted to God and who holds on to him tightly will receive his grace. The mind is like a monkey. This is really true. Our mind is easily changeable, it will fall into confusion, it will feel sad, depressed, angry and annoyed. It has many such tendencies. The mind is involved in all this but we want to surrender ourselves at your divine lotus feet, God, and receive your grace. When will we get the chance to receive your grace? Will we get a true chance in this lifetime, oh God? There are so many casts, creeds, religions and communities in this country (India). Each religion and community has its own God. That God is imprinted inside me. We don’t praise God or celebrate him and we live in the world like this. Human beings can live in any way they like. So many religions have said that man should live in a particular way but I never force anyone to live in a particular way. However, if you can think of God in this life and receive his grace then all your shortcomings will be solved.


Arati (flame offering) to Swamiji’s statue

When a child is hungry he or she will cry so that someone will feed them and their hunger will cease. When we are thirsty we will drink water to quench our thirst. When we are really tired we will fall asleep wherever we are. When sleep overcomes you, you don’t need a bed or a mattress, you can even sleep whilst you are standing or sitting up. If someone really needs to sleep they will sleep anywhere, even if they are lying in mud. They won’t need comfort. When you are really hungry you won’t care about the taste of the food; when you are really thirsty any drink will refresh you because you will be overpowered by the need to drink, sleep or eat. Oh God, likewise won’t we have such a spiritual longing to think of you? If you are starving, deprived of sleep or very thirsty you will not be able to think clearly. Your need for food, sleep or drink will overcome you without your awareness.


Materialization of sacred ash (vibhuti) on Swamiji’s statue

Oh God, I am not asking you for education, money, a good job or a position. I am not asking you to give me peace of mind, wealth or pleasure. I only want you to give me the grace that I may think of you always. What penance did I do in my previous birth to understand you, to realize you are within me, to understand your compassion? You have to be gifted to understand this. Saints, sages, siddhas and avatars were born in this land and are still alive. Where are they? We couldn’t see them. We couldn’t grasp them with our limited mind. We are living in such a way. What I wanted to tell you is that all of you have a truthful, pure mind. What do you need in order to understand this? It is through devotion that you can find this pure mind. There is no other way.

What am I expecting from you all? I don’t expect material things or money from you. All I ask from you is that you believe in God, that you chant God’s name and think of his divine grace. What else should I expect from you? What else could I need from you? If God was imprinted in your thoughts, the effects of your wrong actions, your problems and difficulties would vanish without your knowledge. I do expect one thing from you actually – that you tell me your problems and difficulties and I will listen to you and solve them for you. Am I the one who solves the problems? No, it is the Divine Mother. If you can think of the Divine and chant God’s name constantly then there is nothing else you need in this world. Our elders worshipped the Divine and now we have the chance to understand, worship and attain that great power. When we do this we will have an inner realization and self-realization will awaken. When the darkness inside you disappears, your problems and difficulties will also disappear. Oh God, you should protect everyone. Everyone should receive your grace. Everyone should have peace. I ask you to grant all this to everyone and I ask that people’s faith in you will increase everyday. With your grace, human beings must realize the Divine.

Jai Prema Shanti!

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