Changing yourself

Swamiji, some people try hard on the spiritual path, but they do not seem to change. Why is this?

All are evolving. Every second there is a change in all beings. This planet is a living, interrelated system wherein all beings are maturing, developing and supporting each other. Now humankind is spoiling the natural evolution of the Earth through genetics, chemicals and other mutations. All beings are travelling towards the universal light, the great Absolute, the true reality.

There are beings on other planets and different dimensions. All are evolving. Some people are travelling and changing their consciousness faster than others. Some people are actively involved in their own conscious evolution by seriously following a spiritual path laid down by an enlightened master. If you sincerely aspire to higher knowledge, your life will be one of constant change, growth and spiritual realization.

As I have said before, if you support genuine spiritual movements, if you are sincere, honest, truthful and humble in your spiritual aspiration and if you want to learn about true love and purity, surely the spiritual path, the spiritual energy itself, will look after you, guide you and give you what you need. That is a spiritual law. Spiritual knowledge and understanding cannot be gained by just reading books.

If you buy any machine, once you have read the instructions and you know how to operate it, you will not keep on reading those instructions, will you? You will follow them practically. Likewise, having read the basics of spirituality it is common sense to put them into practice and not keep on reading the instructions over and over again for your entire lifetime. I bless you so that you will become involved in practical action and so that you will evolve on your individual, spiritual path.

Swamiji, how can I truly change my mind?

The world, the entire universe, is constantly changing, but it is most difficult to change this ego mind! Many people read my spiritual ideas and guidance, and they think they have understood what I said, but actually they have not really understood, they only think with their minds that they have understood. If you really understand what I am telling you, then the result of that would be that you would be changed. Your mind would be changed for the better. But the mind doesn’t want to change. It likes to stay as it is and it tells you that it understood Swami’s words just to deceive you so that it can stay lazy and unchanged. Spiritual development means constant change of the mind and its old patterns and attitudes. These habits have to be broken. It is easy to say that you understood what I said. I speak very simply. I am not interested if you just understand my words. That is not important. Do you really grasp what I am telling you and are you going to do something about it? That is the main point of my satsangs.

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