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Below you will find contact details and locations of Sri Premananda Centres, Groups and contact persons. Centre and Group coordinators organize the activities in their Centre or Group. A contact person is someone who can give you additional information about Swami Premananda, his teachings and the Ashram, especially if there are no Centres or Groups in your area. Centres and Groups offer the same programmes except that Groups do not perform abhishekams. All the spiritual activities that are offered by the Centre or Group are free of charge and open to all.


International coordination of Sri Premananda Centres
E-mail the International Centre Coordinator Hamsaa: hamsaa79(at)


Sri Premananda Centre of Carlos Paz, Córdoba
E-mail Hamsaa: hamsaa79(at)

Sri Premananda Centre of Las Rosas, Córdoba
E-mail Parasurama & Kanagavalli:

Premananda Contact Person of Buenos Aires
E-mail Nanda:


Sri Premananda Centre of Antwerpen
E-mail Priya & Kugha: premananda.antwerpen(at)

Sri Premananda Centre of Liège
E-mail Balavardhana & Devi Maa: premananda.natco.belgium(at)

Sri Premananda Centre of Limburg
E-mail Hema: hema.premananda(at)

Sri Premananda Centre of Vlamertinge
E-mail Nagulan & Shobana: premananda.vlamertinge(at)

Sri Premananda Group of Essen
E-mail Saras: sophiepeeters(at)

Sri Premananda Group of Marchin
E-mail Balavardhana & Francine:  guy.jomaux(at)

Premananda Contact Persons of Arendonk
E-mail Velava & Sushanti: info(at)


Premananda Contact Person of Ivory Coast
E-mail Baba Hara Das: babaharadas(at)


Sri Premananda Centre of Gers
E-mail Jayaani & Jnanamani: premananda.gers(at)

Sri Premananda Centre of Dordogne
E-mail Dhriti  centre.premananda.dordogne(at)

Sri Premananda Centre of Grenoble
E-mail Dhanalakshmi & Kasturirangan: premananda.grenoble(at)

Sri Premananda Centre of Nord Mayenne
E-mail Vignesh: premananda53laval(at)

Sri Premananda Centre of Gardanne
E-mail Shantananda: samayapuram(at)

Sri Premananda Centre of Mâcon Boz
E-mail Murali & Revadi: indiashakti(at)

Sri Premananda Centre of Montpellier
E-mail Parameshwari: premananda.montpellier(at)

Sri Premananda Centre of Angoulême
E-mail Gauri: blancjo(at)

Sri Premananda Group of Montpellier
E-mail Shivanti: omshivanti(at)

Sri Premananda Group of Tournus
E-mail Jayanta: jayantabrunet(at)

Sri Premananda Group of Tullins
E-mail Yamuna: premanandatullins(at)

Sri Premananda Group of Bourg-en-Bresse
E-mail Ajaran & Urjani: premananda.bourgenbresse(at)

Premananda Contact Person in Carcassonne
E-mail Atma: premananda.carcassonne(at)

Premananda Contact Person in Paris Pantin
E-mail Sitaram: danielpype(at)


Sri Premananda Centre of Fonte
E-mail Erika: erikamarangoni(at)


Sri Premananda Centre of Tijuana
E-mail Keshavan: vigneshwaridevi(at)


Sri Premananda Centre of Janakpur Dham
E-mail Rahul & Minu Jha: rahuljhaa617(at)


Sri Premananda Centre of Chełmek
E-mail Bhupati & Shivani: premanandabiuro(at)

Sri Premananda Centre of Częstochowa
E-mail Kartik & Durga Devi: premananda.czestochowa(at)

Sri Premananda Centre of Koszalin
E-mail Dharini: agata-sak(at)

Sri Premananda Centre of Szczecin
E-mail Deva & Pranayini: devapranayini(at)

Sri Premananda Group of Grądy Węgorzewskie
E-mail Gangika & Chidambaram: edyta-p13(at)

Sri Premananda Group of Stargard
E-mail Lakshmi & Mandu: varynskyputak(at)


Sri Premananda Centre of Barcelona
E-mail Naren & Hansika:

Sri Premananda Centre of Léon
E-mail Kannan: premananda_spain(at)


Sri Premananda Centre of Battaramulla
E-mail Dr Chaya: chaya.randeniya1(at)

Sri Premananda Centre of Colombo
Mrs Sivachandrasekar

Premananda Contact Persons in Colombo
Email Sivakumaran & Lakshme: sivakumaran48(at)
Email Ravi: 0001.ravi(at)

Premananda Contact Person in Battaramulla
E-mail Nath Perera: nath(at)


Sri Premananda Centre of Nenzlingen
E-mail Kanniga: premananda.schweiz(at)

Premananda Contact Person of Switzerland
E-mail Nirmala Devi Mataji: premananda.schweiz(at)


Sri Premananda Centre of Oost Nederland
E-mail Easwaran: premananda.oost.nederland(at)

Sri Premananda Group of Amsterdam 
E-mail Jacintha:

Premananda Contact Person of Deurne
E-mail Vigneshwari: gerdavandewesterlo(at)

Premananda Contact Persons of Rotterdam
E-mail Kannagi & Kovalan: Jerrymeena88(at)


Sri Premananda Centre of Manchester
E-mail Nitya Devi Mataji & Kala: kala.jaipremashanti(at)

Premananda Contact Person of Brighton and Hove
E-mail Suradeva: tonyevenson(at)

Premananda Contact Persons of London
E-mail Mala & Indrakumar: indrakumarfamily(at)


Sri Premananda Centre of Newburgh, NY
E-mail Mrs Jeyalingam: kachchijey(at) 


Centre of Unity Premananda, Amelia, Italy
E-mail Rosa Domian: premrosa(at)

Centre of Unity Premananda, Monts du Forez, France
E-mail Shivani: shivani.darne(at)

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