Statues given to the Sri Premananda Centres around the world

The Sri Premananda Centres and Groups have been established by Swami Premananda to offer people from all walks of life the opportunity to come together in unity, to find peace of mind, to practice spiritual activities together, to develop on their own individual spiritual path, to be able to discuss spirituality freely and to come together to offer compassionate help and service to those in need.

“I have created many Centres all over the world. The purpose of the Centres is to bring people closer to Divinity by doing spiritual practices together, to remove their sufferings and difficulties, to bring awareness to people through spiritual satsangs, to celebrate spiritual functions, to help people develop confidence that will help them to be successful in their lives and to help them realize permanent bliss.

Let spirituality and devotion spread, let everybody have peace of mind, let righteousness flourish and let all the people who are around us have a good life. Let the people have contact with each other through Sri Premananda Centres, Groups and Youth Groups.”

Swami Premananda


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