The Sri Premananda Centres and Groups have been established by Swami Premananda to offer people from all walks of life the opportunity to come together in unity, to find peace of mind, to practice spiritual activities together, to develop on their own individual spiritual path, to be able to discuss spirituality freely and to come together to offer compassionate help and service to those in need. More +

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Sri Premananda Centres and Groups are a place where people from different cultures, backgrounds and religions can come together to become immersed in spirituality, to pray together, to discuss spirituality and to offer help and service to those in need in the local area.

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You will find a list of contact details and locations of Sri Premananda Centres, Groups and contact persons. Centre and Group coordinators organise the activities in their centre or group. A contact person is someone who can give you additional information about Swami Premananda, his teachings and the Ashram, especially if there are no Centres or Groups in your area. More +

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