Celebrating Guru Purnima

GP 1When Swamiji was living in the Ashram the devotees at that time were very fortunate to have been able to do Pada Puja to him. Swamiji said, “During a Pada Puja, you are able to touch the master’s feet. Through his grace and extraordinary power he can remove your karma, illnesses and difficulties that would have affected you for many lifetimes. (….) The divine power comes from Mother Earth through the feet of the saint or sadhu. Remember that you should totally surrender your heart and mind to this messenger of the Divine. In doing so, your diseases will be cured, family problems solved and your house will be filled with divine energy.”

Even though Swamiji is not physically present with us we still perform this very sacred abhishekam every year on Guru Purnima to Swamiji’s padukas. In many of the Sri Premananda Centres around the world, Pada Puja to Swamiji’s padukas will also be performed. We wish everyone a very happy and sacred Guru Purnima day!
Jai Prema Shanti!

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