Can God get angry with us?

Swamiji, I would like to know whether God can get angry with us in our daily life, and if so, how?

God doesn’t get angry in daily life. Why do you feel that God gets angry? I agree and accept that people normally get angry, but God is never angry with you.

You see, if your daughter or son would make a mistake, you might get angry – why? If your daughter or son are about to go in a wrong direction, or are already following a wrong direction, then you get angry because you want to correct them, to make sure that your children change and follow the right way. However, you won’t punish your children, because your heart loves them so much. Outwardly you get angry, because you want your baby, your child, to come to the correct path, follow the correct direction and reach a very high level. That is what you expect from your children, but they don’t understand that. They feel that their daddy and their mummy are like dynamite! Why do they feel that? Your children expect you to finish off dealing with whatever they have done wrong, within 24 hours of their doing it. Children normally want their parents to please them and make them happy. They don’t usually like being corrected or being told, “Don’t do this, don’t do that.” Children are not happy with that. They feel and expect that if they commit some madness, or some wrongdoing, then you should allow it.

God is also your father and mother. Now, what do you feel, if you consider God as you father and mother and you compare it to what I have just said? Do you still think that God gets angry with you? Never! God likes you; God wants you to live at a very high level. God expects  you to develop yourself. Yet you feel that God gets angry with you and that is why God seems to be punishing you so much. God never gives punishment. You look at your problems and difficulties and, seeing things in a worldly way, you consider them as a punishment, but God never gives punishment.

My feeling is this: when you are at home and thinking things like this, you must purposely look at me – you can look at my photo – and that is enough, I will know it. I won’t expect that what you want should happen, but when you look at my photo, I immediately know that you are looking at me, why you are looking at me, and what you are feeling, and I will take that into account when I write you a letter. I will observe you and include it in my reply.

Therefore, your problems are not God’s punishment. It is normal for the material body to be subject to thousands of ailments and thousands of worries and thousands of problems – this is not God’s punishment. I feel that God likes you, but you think that God is angry with you. If God is angry, you would be able to see anger on my face too! If I laugh and talk with you, then definitely God is not angry with you. And if God isn’t angry with you, why should I be angry with you?

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