Swami Premananda

A devotee asked Swamiji, “What is the essence of your spiritual teaching?” He smiled and replied, “Stilling the mind, liberating it from unnecessary thoughts and depression and being permanently happy.”

Swami-premanandaSwami Premananda was a spiritual master who dedicated his life to serving others. He was a living example of how to overcome obstacles with a positive mind and his primary concern was always for others. Swamiji’s patience and pure love were infinite. He spent many hours listening to devotees’ problems, helping them to solve them and guiding them towards a life of inner peace and happiness. His life was an inspiration to all who met him.

Swamiji started an Ashram in Matale in Sri Lanka which was destroyed during ethnic riots in 1983. He then moved to South India where he started a new Ashram. The Ashram flourished and Swamiji set up Sri Premananda Centres and Premananda Youth Groups in many countries all over the world. The aim of the Ashram, Centres and Groups is to offer spiritual guidance and help to all who come and to offer service to those in need throughout the world. Swamiji’s teachings are universal and transcend the barriers of race and religion.

Swamiji’s mahasamadhi (the great and final samadhi is the act of consciously and intentionally leaving one’s body) was on 21st February 2011. Although Swamiji is not present with us physically, his divine grace, guidance and teachings continue to uplift and help all who come in contact with him.

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