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My journey with Swamiji’s Lingams

By Kartik, Poland

When Swamiji went into mahasamadhi in 2011 we thought that spiritually he is still with us and his support has seemed to be even stronger since that time. However, one day, when I was doing pujas to the Lingams that Swamiji gave me I realized that we still have part of his physical body alive with us: the Lingams born from him during Lingodbhava. Swamiji said many times that these Lingams are made out of his blood so I think my conclusion is quite correct.

Through these Lingams many people have experienced healing from serious diseases, solutions for material or family problems and found peace of mind. Once a doctor from another city came to our Centre as she got to know from her sister that we may be able to help her. She had ovary tumors and, as she said, she was an atheist. Nevertheless, she was seeking help. I told her before the Lingam blessing, “Ok, I understand that you don’t believe in God so pray as you can for healing”. During the blessing she was crying. Several days later she went back to her city and she went through a careful examination. It turned out that the tumors had completely disappeared.

Another woman who was a psychologist also came to visit our Centre. She also had some tumors in her body. She participated in a Lingam abishekam and was blessed with three Lingams. Two days later she sent me an e-mail saying that she had been examined again and she was completely healed. No wonder, she was probably a bit skeptical before the blessing but she appeared to be a humble woman and she wrote, “I think I must still learn a lot. Please add me in your mailing list. Now I am going on a short holiday with my son.” She seemed to be really happy.

Since Swamiji’s mahasamadhi I have started to give blessing together with our two friends, Lokesh and Kasi, who I think have a lot of devotion for Swamiji and Lord Shiva. The blessings appeared to be very powerful and beneficial for people coming to the programmes or coming for individual blessings. In my opinion it is good to do seva and spiritual sadhanas and spread Swamiji’s message together so that then we can gradually do more and more good to the people around us. We always try to welcome all the people coming to the Centre or to the public programmes warmly. We never ask them for money and if they want to give some donation we tell them to support a good charity. This attitude makes many people want to help. We still definitely support the Ashram in any way we can and I think everybody should do this because this is the physical heart of Swamiji’s mission.

My wife used to suffer terrible headaches as she had a tumor in her sinus. The doctors told her that she needed an operation. One day, during the blessing, I thought that if so many people have been healed here why not use the power of the Lingam to release her from her pain? So, I prayed for that during the blessing. The tumor disappeared. We saw the result in the X-ray photograph but she still had headaches. I showed her a photo and said “See, you are healed, you shouldn’t have headaches anymore”, and only then she accepted this fact. The pain was gone.

I do three pujas to the Lingams every morning and chant “Om Namah Shivaya”. If I do this with concentration and devotion I can enjoy peace of mind thanks to the Lingams’powers and after the pujas or sometimes during them many good ideas come to my mind of what to do and how to help people. Sometimes I am angry with Swamiji for some reasons and feel down and it is difficult for me to talk to him mentally, but then I open my box with puja vessels and start Lingam puja and usually the state of my mind changes for the better and I can understand Swamiji better and accept various hardships of life. My journey with the Lingams goes on and I feel without any doubt that Swamiij support us and he is with us always. I am happy and honored to be part of Swami Premananda’s Mission and to have met him and have got Lingams from him. I am glad that he let me do something for him and represent him here.

Jai Prema Shanti!

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