A great task in this life

Swamiji, you have been given a great task in this life. Is there also a task for me? I also want a task.

You have asked a nice question. You want work so I will ask the Divine to please give some work to you. You will get it immediately, don’t worry. If you are ready to do the work, the Divine will give it to you.

First, you have to ask yourself if you are ready to surrender completely. Ask yourself if you are willing to do the work sincerely, with enjoyment, without anger, without worry, truthfully and without trying to make any money whatsoever out of anyone. Are you ready to work without asking for money, without being attached to anything, without any sexual feelings, without being attached to your friends and relatives – are you ready for all this? Are you willing to work really hard and with total sincerity?

I am talking to you from the inside of my heart. I never lie to myself. I am only interested, totally and completely, in how people enjoy the spiritual life and get the most out of it. I can distribute spiritual knowledge because I understand others and how they are feeling. I know how others live and their worries and problems.

Then are you like God, or are you God?

I am not a god. I am not God. I don’t want you to think like that at all. I don’t want to cheat people. I don’t want anything at all. I am an ordinary man, the same as you. The universal energy called me to this Earth. I asked why and I was told that the Divine had a gift for me. I was asked if I was ready to carry it. At first I said that I didn’t want it, but later I agreed. When I asked what this present was, then the Divine gave it to me. I asked why and was told that this was a very good thing and I should distribute it to the people and I should give it to whoever comes to me. I asked whether I should go around and give it to people, but I was told, no, no, no, no – you must give it to whoever comes close to you. I agreed, and I am doing that, but most people do not understand it because they are not yet mature. So I thought I should wait a little and distribute it later on. I questioned why the Divine had given this job and then this Ashram to me. Then I was given all these poor children to care for as a service to humanity. So the Divine gives everything, and all is the divine drama.

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