A Divine Medicine

From the way you are singing, I can tell that you have much devotion. I can see with my eyes how much all of you, from you in the front row to you in the very last, are singing these bhajans with real devotion. By singing divine names, we can realize many things. Singing the names of God is a divine medicine that can cure your problems and sorrows, and can even resolve your karmas from previous births – it is a divine medicine that can cure anything.

When you sing the name of God with your tongue, the words arise from within you, where God lives, and you will realize his divine energy. It is a great blessing to be able to sing God’s name. Our minds reach for many things, but, O God, what a great opportunity it is to use our mouths to sing your name! When you sing the names of God there is no doubt that you will reach a better state in life. Therefore, don’t forget to keep his name in your mind and repeatedly chant it. Try to receive God’s grace. Your countless problems, sicknesses, even those that are incurable, the lack of peace in your life – all these will be soothed by this divine medicine and you will receive spiritual blessings through it.

Ask yourself what you are going to do in this life. Is there anything greater in this life than chanting God’s name? You have so many thoughts running amok in your mind and you are unable to control them. What is it that you want in this life? If you chant the name of God, it can solve your problems, diseases and karmas. This is what we require. Therefore, be loving, behave according to good culture and live with good thoughts. If you can live like this you will be able solve many problems yourself that seem unsolvable. You must get the extremely rare gift of God’s grace in your life.

For this reason it is my wish that you should repeat the name of God in this life. Human beings in this world have created languages, religions, castes and so on. Even though there are so many languages, you cannot reach God through any one of them; it is only through devotion that you can reach him. If you want to achieve this devotion and if, through this devotion, you want to attain a high spiritual state, then first of all you need to rid your mind of ignorance, ego, jealousy, competition and anger. Prevent yourself from doubting; doubt is an incurable disease. Your heart and thoughts should be purified. If you look at something with a wrong intention then it will definitely seem wrong to you. Don’t have desire for the body, but have devotion for what is within. Whoever you are, one day this body is going to decay. How do you think that you can keep this decaying body in a good condition? How do you think of using this body? Tell your mind to only cultivate pure love, and not desire. When desire arises, you will also start doubting, getting angry and having other negative tendencies. Therefore, don’t have desire towards the body, but rather always increase your devotion for the soul.

Jai Prema Shanti!

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