10 Years without Swamiji’s physical presence!

  • by an Ashram resident

Spirituality is like an ocean in subtle form and swimming in it may lead us to experience pure divine love. If we truly open our hearts with a sincere intention to feel this love within – we can experience it! You can’t grasp it with the mind, but only experience it deep within your heart.

Swamiji was constantly dwelling in the highest consciousness and continues fulfilling his duties and helping us without being here physically.

How can we experience his presence, his unconditional love, his guidance and help? It is not difficult: sit silently, open your heart and pray! Call him and tell him your problems, queries or requests. You may get an immediate reply or something may happen during the next days…

I have many experiences like that. Sometimes I will ask him for help regarding emotional upsets that bother me a lot, for help to solve physical problems or support for my spiritual development. However, as Swami is not here to give a straight answer, it’s not so easy to explain how his helping hand works. Usually if I sit quietly, contemplating on Swamiji, I hear a kind of voice giving me the answer or I may just feel very strongly what I have to do, but often things just happen on their own and I only realize much later that it was the response to my prayer.

Just to give you an example:

Three years ago I was caring full time for my 89-year-old mother, as she was in a very serious condition after an accident and a few weeks of hospitalization. She had to take many medicines, including several different tablets to prevent their side effects, and I made sure that she took everything at the correct time. However, it seemed as she would not be able to recover. Her body was blown up by water retention and, although she was given medication for this, her condition worsened daily. She had a lot of pain, could not move without help, did not eat much and vomited all the time. She got weaker and weaker and everyone in the family thought that she would leave us very soon. The doctor no longer knew what to do. The moment her body had accumulated about 17 liters of additional water, I could not bear seeing her suffering anymore. Very sad and confused, but wholeheartedly, I called out to Swami with a short but intense prayer: “Swami, please help my mother. Either release her quickly from this suffering by letting her die or show your grace by letting her recover, but do something!”

That same day, when I was searching for information on the internet about water retention in elderly people, I stumbled across the Hawthorn plant which I thought might possibly help. I immediately went to a health food shop and indeed found and bought tablets of this plant. I started giving them to my mother and, incredibly, from then on her condition began to rapidly improve. She started eating more, regained strength and hope, and within a few weeks most of the water had disappeared. Slowly she was able to reduce the intake of her prescribed medications until finally she could stop taking all those medicines! Within two months she had fully recovered and, from being a disabled, weak woman, became an independent lady! Everyone, including the doctor, was surprised and very happy about how miraculously all this had happened!

Jai Prema Shanti!

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