Find a Youth Group

On the map you will find contact details and locations of Premananda Youth Groups and contact persons. Youth Group coordinators organize the activities in their Youth Group. A contact person is someone who can give you additional information about Swami Premananda, the Ashram and his teachings for the youth. All the activities that are offered by the Youth Groups are free of charge and open to all.

To find a Youth Group or contact person near you, use the zoom slider on the left-hand side of the map to zoom in and out.  When you have located your area, click on a pin to read the contact details


Premananda Youth International Coordination
E-mail Kartik & Nirmala:

Premananda New-Youth-Group Coordination
E-mail Devi: premananda.youthnl(at)


Premananda Youth Group of Salta
E-mail Chandika: loresuarez9(at)


Premananda Youth Contact Person for Belgium
E-mail Naoussa: naoussa.wauters(at)

Prema Youth Service Contact Person for Belgium

E-mail Gaurishwari: soife(at)


Premananda Youth Group of France
E-mail Prithvi: py.grenoble(at)

Premananda Youth Contact Persons for France
E-mail Siddhananda: basilesiddhananda(at)


Premananda Youth Group of the Sri Premananda Ashram
E-mail Arun: premchanthc(at)

Premananda Youth Group of Orchha
E-mail Sanjay: leyoga08(at)


Premananda Youth Contact Persons for Nepal
E-mail Manohar & Preeti: manohar.jps(at); mjpriti(at)


Premananda Youth Group of Rotterdam
E-mail Devi: premananda.youthnl(at)

Premananda Youth Group of Maastricht
E-mail Aniruddhan:


Premananda Youth Group of Warsaw
E-mail Kartik & Nirmala:

Premananda Youth Group of Częstochowa
E-mail Amrit & Shanti: rafalberent(at)

Premananda Youth Group of Szczecin
E-mail Shakti: gorayowa(at)
E-mail Yogesh: yogeshclarinet(at)


Premananda Youth Group of Battaramulla
E-mail Jeevani: jeeni.perera(at)


Premananda Youth Contact Person for U.K.
E-mail Shankari: grace.kirkcaldy(at)

Prema Youth Service Contact Person for the U.K.
E-mail Chandru: gabemefabebabe(at)


Premananda Youth Group of Montreal
E-mail Claudette: premananda.youthca(at)

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