A devotee asked Swamiji, “What is the essence of your spiritual teaching?” He smiled and replied, "Stilling the mind, liberating it from unnecessary thoughts and depression and being permanently happy.”

Swami Premananda was a spiritual master who dedicated his life to serving others. He was a living example of how to overcome obstacles with a positive mind and his primary concern was always for others. Swamiji’s patience and pure love were infinite. He spent many hours listening to devotees’ problems, helping them to solve them and guiding them towards a life of inner peace and happiness. His life was an inspiration to all who met him.

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Special Events - GURU PURNIMA


When Swamiji was living in the Ashram the devotees at that time were very fortunate to have been able to do Pada Puja to him. Swamiji said, “During a Pada Puja, you are able to touch the master’s feet. Through his grace and extraordinary power he can remove your karma, illnesses and difficulties that would have affected you for many lifetimes. (….) The divine power comes from Mother Earth through the feet of the saint or sadhu…



In this human life we should focus our mind on God. To do this, we should think about how to reach his holy feet. In this mundane world we must create opportunities to achieve this. We pray to God to make it happen but our worldly problems stop us from doing this and confuse our mind. If we try to think about this too much our minds will get confused about whether or not we should follow the spiritual path. How can we think of God while living in this world?



“…bringing Swami Premananda’s divine light…”

In 2006 Swamiji manifested the powerful pink lingam to take on world tours. He asked that any Ashram delegates who go on world tour should give blessings to all the devotees around the world with this lingam. Swamiji said that he especially manifested this lingam to help people receive divine and spiritual grace and to spread divine light everywhere. The world tour is therefore a blessed opportunity for all of Swamiji’s devotees, old and new to come and receive that precious opportunity so that everyone can receive peace of mind, spiritual growth and divine grace.

More information will be posted very soon!!


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