A devotee asked Swamiji, “What is the essence of your spiritual teaching?” He smiled and replied, "Stilling the mind, liberating it from unnecessary thoughts and depression and being permanently happy.”

Swami Premananda was a spiritual master who dedicated his life to serving others. He was a living example of how to overcome obstacles with a positive mind and his primary concern was always for others. Swamiji’s patience and pure love were infinite. He spent many hours listening to devotees’ problems, helping them to solve them and guiding them towards a life of inner peace and happiness. His life was an inspiration to all who met him.

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Swamiji, what is the best way to practise spirituality?

Swamiji: Again you are talking about practice! You are just saying so with your mouth but you don’t practise. You simply come and meet me and ask me the same questions. You are all good people. You have faith and devotion but no practice. You all ask me how to practise. When you go to the office do you ask the manager how to work?  When you go to the office it is your duty to work, so you find out and then you just do it, whether you like it or not. Everyone knows how to practise spirituality but you all want a shortcut. You want me to tell you an easy way.  You keep on asking how to sing bhajans, how to do rituals, how to have satsang discussions, how to… how to… I will tell you frankly – there is just one straight way and that is meditation. The highest subject in spirituality is meditation. Abhishekams, satsang, service and other spiritual activities are supports to go to a higher level. Then you must meditate.



Jai Prema Shanti! I am Claudette. I’m 36 years old, French, and have lived in Montreal, Canada, for over four years now and plan to continue living here and eventually become a Canadian citizen. In 2010 a devotee introduced me to Swami Premananda and the next year, in 2011, I had the opportunity to come to India and visit the Ashram for the first time. Having come to know Swamiji, my stay in the Ashram, and interacting with the children completely changed my life. Back at home after this incredible journey, I realized that life has meaning only when we can help others. Slowly but surely I changed my work, from that of holding a conventional position in a multinational corporation to becoming a yoga teacher. My idea was to reproduce Swamiji’s vision – spiritual, ecological and humanitarian – here in the West. After this first visit in 2011, I managed to visit the Ashram nearly every year.



Who has realized what is within? Who has realized pure and true love? I want to make you all realize this by yourself. Who has realized? Who has understood the real truth and real love in his or her heart? You may have a good relationship with your children and relatives. If you ask them have they understood true love, they – without understanding – will reply, “Yes”. But none of you knows if you truly understand true love.

In daily life nowadays, parents talk to their children, without understanding the value of true love. You are all talking about love so much, but do you approach your children and relatives with genuine love?


“Celebrate Swami Premananda!”
31 August – 2 September 2018 in Brussels
You are invited to meet this summer to practise together and share Swamiji’s teachings!
Highlights: Lingam blessings with an Ashram lingam, Satsang and sharing, Meditation and yoga, Bhajans, kirtans and chanting, Premananda Youth activities, Spiritual practice in relaxed and beautiful surroundings…


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