Swami Premananda (1951-2011) is a spiritual master who dedicated his life to serving others. He was a living example of how to overcome obstacles with a positive mind and his primary concern was always for others. Swamiji’s patience and pure love were infinite. He spent many hours listening to devotees’ problems, helping them to solve them and guiding them towards a life of inner peace and happiness.

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During this Navaratri I advise you to walk barefoot in the Ashram. This is because we are doing poojas for Mother Earth and it is why we sow the nine grains in the soil. The nine grains are called navadaniyam. Each grain is a different kind of Shakti. These nine shaktis (energies) are now inside the nine kumbhams that we have set upon the blessed earth. The energies of the divine rivers are certainly in these kumbhams. You will realize this on the last day of the festival. When you make the kumbhams I also give them a spiritual vibration…


It is a fact that we live for only a very short time. What should we achieve in this short time? In this life we should not forget what it really is that we should achieve. In order to reach the essential goal, what do we need? We need devotion and patience. The more patience a person has the better. Keeping you all waiting for so long has also been a test of your patience! Truly, I didn’t want to test you like this. I was late leaving Birmingham and when I arrived [in Leicester] devotees took up a lot of my time. It was 7 p.m. when I arrived but it took a long time for me to get here to this place because I had to meet so many devotees first. I didn’t stay long in any one place, but the visits included some to really ill patients.


Since the creation of the world, humans have forgotten about other living beings and their rights. They reared cows for milk. Once the cows stopped giving milk they were slaughtered for meat. They didn’t consider it as a sin. When a pin pricks our finger, it hurts. So, when a cow is slaughtered it feels the pain. Why doesn’t mankind realize this? …


Since a very young age I knew that the primary purpose of life is to be happy. So I went out and tried to find that happiness in friends and family, in material things, by going places and taking part in activities. That search lead me to live in many different places with my family and after several years away from home we came back to live in our hometown of Cordoba, Argentina…


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