Swami Premananda (1951-2011) is a spiritual master who dedicated his life to serving others. He was a living example of how to overcome obstacles with a positive mind and his primary concern was always for others. Swamiji’s patience and pure love were infinite. He spent many hours listening to devotees’ problems, helping them to solve them and guiding them towards a life of inner peace and happiness.

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We are living in this world, but not where we want to live. If we live in a world that we don’t like, then will we be happy? I am teaching you to live in a world that you like but you find this hard to understand. You are living in a false world, so of course you are living with depression. I want to show you the true world, but you don’t listen. Realize that the material world is not true. Because you don’t accept that this material world is not true, you don’t understand me when I tell you about the real world. You are living in your world and in the way you like. You are acting out your own drama. If you would be living in the world that I am teaching you about, you would not have depression…


You want to develop yourselves on the path of spirituality. Whenever you desire or even look at any material thing, remember that it is not permanent. Is this body going to last forever? No, it is impermanent. You place so much importance on money and wealth, yet these are only temporary. You need to be very careful with money so as not to waste it. You need to live – but don’t let money rule your life. Be careful, live simply but don’t let your mind dwell on money. Let the mind dwell on something higher and much more valuable…


You are asking me about unity. Narayana! You see, normally, ladies do not believe what other ladies say. Yet ladies often believe what men say. Men also believe other men. Ladies must learn to trust in and believe each other. They must be clear and open with each other. They must open their hearts to other ladies. So my first point is that we should not make the distinction of who is male and who is female. That is the first barrier to unity in the world. We should trust and believe in each other. We must have faith in and love for each other. We must regard each other as human beings, not as men and women. We must love each other from the heart, not with the body. These are the first steps to unity…


What is God? I feel that there is an extra-ordinary vibration in our world. This vibration is inside us, and also outside us. Let us consider the soil. If you take a little soil and put it in your mouth, what does it taste like? Because it has no taste, you might think that soil doesn’t contain any tastes at all, but that is not true…


The Shree Poobala Krishna Ashram in Sri Lanka is one of several branch Ashrams that Swamiji ran in Sri Lanka before he settled in India in 1984. For years during the Sri Lankan civil war the Ashram was not functioning, but after the war ended, spiritual activities there resumed on a small scale. Thinking of this as a sacred place in Swamiji’s birth country where Swamiji lived, gave sacred service to humanity, had lingodbhava and performed many miracles and leelas, Swamiji’s devotees in Sri Lanka often go to this branch Ashram and their support makes it possible to maintain the spiritual services provided there for Swamiji’s devotees and children from the neighbourhood. Foreign devotees, too, visit the Ashram. After a stay there, Hamsaa writes about her experience observing the very simple devotional life of its residents…


“Celebrate Swami Premananda!”
31 August – 2 September 2018 in Brussels
You are invited to meet this summer to practise together and share Swamiji’s teachings!
Highlights: Lingam blessings with an Ashram lingam, Satsang and sharing, Meditation and yoga, Bhajans, kirtans and chanting, Premananda Youth activities, Spiritual practice in relaxed and beautiful surroundings…


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