Swami Premananda (1951-2011) is a spiritual master who dedicated his life to serving others. He was a living example of how to overcome obstacles with a positive mind and his primary concern was always for others. Swamiji’s patience and pure love were infinite. He spent many hours listening to devotees’ problems, helping them to solve them and guiding them towards a life of inner peace and happiness.

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By Rosa & Sergio, Centre of Unity Premananda, Italy

This is about our celebration of Swami Premananda’s birthday in the Centre of Unity Premananda, in Amelia, Italy.

We wanted to be able to find at least a couple of roses in the garden to put on Swamij’s padukas but we had little hope of doing so because lately the weather had been very bad, the temperature had fallen near zero and on the night before the celebration a heavy rain began to fall that continued well into the next morning. When it finally stopped I went out to try to retrieve some plants that would now be completely soaked, in order to decorate the altar and Swamiji’s chair. However, I was absolutely astounded to discover a garden full of roses! …


Metta meditation in the Sri Premananda Centre of Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina: “In 2014 we started group metta meditation as part of the monthly programmes in our Sri Premananda Centre. On the last Sunday of every month after the evening abhishekam we hold a group metta meditation. We invite people through Facebook to come and join us for this. We feel that it’s really good for people, especially new people who are just getting interested in spirituality. They don’t need to know how to meditate because it is a guided meditation and we also have the opportunity to tell new people a little about Swamiji, the Centre and the Ashram if we feel it’s appropriate. We normally ask people to bring a little food to share with everyone at the end of the meditation.”…


From the way you are singing, I can tell that you have much devotion. I can see with my eyes how much all of you, from you in the front row to you in the very last, are singing these bhajans with real devotion. By singing divine names, we can realize many things. Singing the names of God is a divine medicine that can cure your problems and sorrows, and can even resolve your karmas from previous births – it is a divine medicine that can cure anything…


(This is an extract of the satsang Swamiji gave in the Ashram, in 1993, after returning from Rameshwaram where he took part in a traditional funeral ceremony for a devotee.)

I am going to talk about the purpose of our visit to Rameshwaram. This is a very powerful temple and there are many stories regarding this ancient temple. To tell you all of these stories would take a long time; but I just want to briefly mention one of them. I will tell you about the connection between Sri Lanka and Rameshwaram. The connection is that Ravana ruled Sri Lanka and he was a great Shiva devotee. Even though he was a great Shiva devotee the time had come for his death…


Shakti and Yogesh are newly appointed New Premananda Youth Group Coordinators of Poland. They are very enthusiastic and motivated about starting their seva for Swamiji. Here is what they would like to share with you about their new role in Swamiji’s mission…


If you start such a practice now that is the greatest treasure you can gain in your life. If you can learn to witness your monkey thoughts you will learn how to catch these thoughts in their early stages before they develop and envelop your mind. You will become free of negative qualities such as jealousy, anger and greed because you will learn to recognize them whilst they are just in seed form, not having developed to a gross form. You will feel at one with God and not separate from God…


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