World Tour 2019

 “… bringing Swami Premananda’s divine light…

Swami Premananda   Swamiji blessed Ashram delegates to go to all the Sri Premananda Centres and Groups around the world who invite them, and to take the powerful pink World Tour Lingam with them on such world tours. This year, starting in October, there will again be such a world tour undertaken by two delegates from the Sri Premananda Ashram in India.  Swamiji blessed Ashram delegates, when they go to all the Centres, to give blessings with the World Tour Lingam, to solve the devotees’ problems through the greatness of that Lingam, to give people the opportunity to receive Swamiji’s divine, spiritual grace, and to spread Swamiji’s divine light. These tours are for everyone’s benefit and peace of mind, for the growth of spirituality, and to spread Swamiji’s message. Swamiji attained Mahasamadhi (left his body) on 21st February 2011. Although Swamiji is not present with us physically, his divine grace, guidance and teachings continue to uplift and help all who come in contact with him. “What does it matter where I stay? The eternal energy within me will reach you from wherever you call me and benefit you and the people around you. Understand that I come to you only to do good. If you keep me in your heart, I will come with you in whichever birth you take to do good for you and I will also do good for you in this birth, for as long as you are in your body.” The world tour lingam

What’s A Full World Tour Programme?

Sharing experiences with Swamiji  Abhishekam (devotional ritual) Devotional songs (bhajans / kirtans) Blessings with the pink Lingam  World Tour video message Distributing prasadam and tying the threads of requested special abhishekams The Ashram delegates on tour

2019 World Tour Schedule

To find out the exact location and time of any of the programmes below, please contact the organizer of the corresponding programme by email. All programmes are free. Poland


  • 30.10 Ghent – Full programme, Sri Premananda Group of Destelbergen, Hari and Shankari (
  • 2.11 Liège – Full programme, Sri Premananda Centre of Liège, Balavardhana and Devi (
  • 3.11 Essen – Full programme, Sri Premananda Group of Essen, Saras (



  • 16.11 Venice –Full programme and inauguration, Sri Premananda Centre of Fonte, Erika (
  • 17.11 Rome – Full programme, Centre of Unity Premananda of Amelia, Rosa and Sergio (
  • 19.11 Amelia – Full programme, Centre of Unity Premananda of Amelia, Rosa and Sergio (




  • 13.12 Newburgh, New York – Full programme, Sri Premananda Centre of Newburgh, Mrs. Jeyalingam (
  • 15.12 Atlanta, Georgia – Full programme, Mr. Balakumar (


  • 21.12 Janakpur – Full programme, Sri Premananda Centre of Janakpur, Rahul and Minu (
  • 22.12 & 23.12 Janakpur – Ganesha abhishekam, Krishna abhishekam, visit to old age home, bhajan concert and visit to the famous Janaki temple, Sri Premananda Centre of Janakpur, Rahul and Minu (

Sri Lanka (Danesh and Ayanthi – 

  • Programme to be confirmed – Will take place in January 2020

We hope to see you at one of the programmes! You can also follow the World Tour on Facebook page 

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