Swami Premananda

Swamiji, what is the best way to practise spirituality?

Swamiji: Again you are talking about practice! You are just saying so with your mouth but you don’t practise. You simply come and meet me and ask me the same questions. You are all good people. You have faith and devotion but no practice. You all ask me how to practise. When you go to the office do you ask the manager how to work?  When you go to the office it is your duty to work, so you find out and then you just do it, whether you like it or not. Everyone knows how to practise spirituality but you all want a shortcut. You want me to tell you an easy way.  You keep on asking how to sing bhajans, how to do rituals, how to have satsang discussions, how to… how to… I will tell you frankly – there is just one straight way and that is meditation. The highest subject in spirituality is meditation. Abhishekams, satsang, service and other spiritual activities are supports to go to a higher level. Then you must meditate.



Who has realized what is within? Who has realized pure and true love? I want to make you all realize this by yourself. Who has realized? Who has understood the real truth and real love in his or her heart? You may have a good relationship with your children and relatives. If you ask them have they understood true love, they – without understanding – will reply, “Yes”. But none of you knows if you truly understand true love.

In daily life nowadays, parents talk to their children, without understanding the value of true love. You are all talking about love so much, but do you approach your children and relatives with genuine love?


Swamiji replies to your questions:
Question: Humanity is going through a time of deep crisis, many wars and genocides are being committed in many parts of our world in the name of God, or the god we call money. In developing countries, each year millions of children die of starvation. And these are only a few of the many dramatic issues facing humanity today. What is the difference between this current period of crisis and all the other terrible times of crisis that humanity faced in the past?


If you have a husband and you are on good terms with him and you don’t have suspicions about him then you will help your husband. You wash his clothes and do everything for him – and he does everything for you too. This is only possible when you have understanding between you. In a spiritual relationship it is the same.  In order to surrender you must have understanding. Understanding is necessary for surrender…


Swamiji, if I were to follow the spiritual path would there be a change in me? What are the benefits of following the spiritual path?

By following the spiritual path, our thoughts and aims in life would be diverted in a more beneficial direction.  We would get an insight into the wrong deeds that we have committed in our lives.  We would also be able to realize what is true and what is false in this world.  We would have a very clear perception of life.  Therefore, by following the spiritual path, the right way of living would be clearly shown to you. The spiritual path identifies the purpose of human life.  Many human beings are born and go through the worldly life without realizing its purpose…


“Embodiments of the Divine,

May God bless us in this human life that we may utter the name of the Divine.

Truly, our life span is very short. In this short time, what should we achieve? Whatever it is, we should not forget it. What do we need in order to achieve our aims? Devotion and patience are what is required. The quality of our lives depends upon the extent of our patience. (…)

By the grace of God you should all reach a high level. In order to establish righteousness in this world some great beings are destined to be born here. It is for this reason that saints, sages, and avatars are born – to re-establish devotion in this world, to immerse the world in devotion. They do this because there is much adharma, unrighteousness in this world, and less dharma. When they live in this world we do not really understand them, but when they are no longer here we think about them. (…)

Therefore, realize that your life is very short and in that short time you should know what you should realize, what you should know, and what you should attain. In your life time you should try to understand these great spiritual beings, their righteous paths and realize what they taught.”


“… bringing Swami Premananda’s divine light…”

Swamiji blessed Ashram delegates to go to all the Sri Premananda Centres and Groups around the world who invite them, and to take the powerful pink Lingam with them on such world tours.
He blessed them to go to all the Centres, to give blessings with that Lingam, to solve the devotees’ problems through the greatness of that Lingam, to give people the opportunity to receive Swamiji’s divine, spiritual grace, and to spread Swamiji’s divine light.  These tours are for everyone’s benefit and peace of mind, for the growth of spirituality, and to spread Swamiji’s message.

Swami Premananda (1951-2011) is a spiritual master who dedicated his life to serving others. He was the embodiment of unconditional love; his humility, patience and wisdom were infinite. He spent much of his life listening to people’s problems, helping them to solve them and guiding them towards inner peace and happiness.

Swamiji attained Mahasamadhi (left his body) on 21st February 2011. Although Swamiji is not present with us physically, his divine grace, guidance and teachings continue to uplift and help all who come in contact with him.

“What does it matter where I stay? The eternal energy within me will reach you from wherever you call me and benefit you and the people around you. Understand that I come to you only to do good. If you keep me in your heart, I will come with you in whichever birth you take to do good for you and I will also do good for you in this birth, for as long as you are in your body.”


The lingam is the symbolic form of Lord Shiva. For more than forty years, lingams manifested through Swamiji’s body and emerged from his mouth on the auspicious nights of Mahashivaratri. This phenomenon is known as Lingodbhava. Even after Swamiji left his physical body, he materialized a lingam at this special time when the energy of Lord Shiva is strongly working on earth.


Swamiji gave many satsangs about the benefits of observing the sacred night of Mahashivaratri. He advocated staying awake all night, fasting and chanting the mantra, Om Namah Shivaya, which means, “I bow down to Shiva.” Shiva is the name for the inner Self which exists in all. Here are twenty-one beautiful quotes from Swamiji together with a selection of photos from Shivaratri nights over the years.


Since Swamiji’s Samadhi on 21st February 2011, the night of Mahashivaratri has continued to be one on which Swamiji’s divine presence has been so strongly felt by all his devotees and especially in Sri Premananda Ashram. Each year, just as Swamiji manifested lingams on Mahashivaratri night during Lingodbhava when he was still in his physical body, a lingam has manifested at the foot of Sri Premeshvarar lingam or at the feet of the statue of Swamiji that resides in Sri Premeshvarar temple.


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